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(KY01) – The Dental Implant Treatment Coordinator Course: Building Trust With Your Patients

August 25, 2023 Author: Karen Young

Course Title: (KY01) – The Dental Implant Treatment Coordinator Course: Building Trust With Your Patients

This course is designed to show the team how dental implants can impact patients’ lives while learning how to build trust with your patients to form a solid foundation for the practice.

Course Length: Full-Day- 6 Hours;

Target Audience: All Auxiliary Team Members

Course Overview
The ITC can support the office by educating and motivating patients to accept dental implant treatment.
A knowledgeable ITC will play a dynamic role in case of presentation, educating patients about the advantages of dental implants, and encouraging them to accept treatment. Upon completion of this course, each attendee will have a stronger understanding of why dental implants are the better choice — the consequences of doing nothing and building a stronger relationship with your patient. Trust is the key to acceptance. Trust comes from knowledge.

Course Outline

  • The History Of Dental Implants; When Did It All Begin
  • WHY Dental Implants
  • Understanding The Terminology And Definitions Related To Implant Dentistry
  • Socket Grafting After Extraction; Why We Recommend It
  • Pros And Cons For Dental Implants
  • Understanding Various Implant-Supported Systems
  • Current Status Of Dental Implants
  • What Is A Dental Implant Treatment Coordinator?
  • Roles And Responsibilities
  • Taking On The Case
  • What Is A Diagnostic Appointment? Why Do We Need It?
  • Developing A Consultation Area/Environment, Including The Use Of Teaching Aids, Etc.
  • Identify The Different Types Of Personalities
  • Learn Practical Ways To Communicate With Your Patients
  • Identify Different Consumer Traits
  • How To Manage Your Patient’s Expectations
  • Get Your Patients To Own It
  • Increase The Insight Into The Value Of Dental Implant Services
  • Why Utilize Technology In Your Office When Educating Patients
  • Frequently Asked Questions And Appropriate Responses, Handling Objections
  • 7 Ways to Improve Listening Skills; Communication; The Power of Silence
  • Prepare And Present Successful Case Presentations
  • Implant Failures; Who, What, Why
  • Fee Presentation, Financial Options, And Arrangements
  • Concepts In Co-Diagnosis And Proper Treatment Planning
  • Pre-Op Appointment And Documentation; Consent Forms
  • Pre & Post-Surgical Care Documents, Prescription Medications
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Reduction On No-Shows And Short-Notice Cancellations
  • Implant Dental Coding And Alternative Clause Coding
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