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(KY05) – It’s All About Systems; What Are Your Goals? How Much Production Is Enough?

August 25, 2023 Author: Karen Young

Course Title: (KY05) – It’s All About Systems; What Are Your Goals? How Much Production Is Enough?

Target Audience: The Entire Team

Course Length: 3-Hour Evening Program (Note* this program will be available as a 6 Hour Full Day Program in 2024)

Course Overview:

Today’s active dental practice can create a hectic environment, leading to burnout, staff turnover, and poor patient experiences, which results in lower production, last-minute cancellations or no-shows, and non-compliant patients.  “Systems” refers to protocols that decrease disorder and ensure a robust business and working environment.

Learn how implementing systems for every aspect of your dental practice could lead to a stress-free environment for the team and the patient.  We will examine how systems could increase your overall production for the doctor and hygiene department.  We are all too familiar with the “I don’t have the time” response.  Systems can improve how you spend your time and what you spend on, refining you to become more productive and efficient.   We need to move forward in a positive, professional direction.  Systems will not leave you; people will.


Course Objectives:

  • Identify what systems we need in a dental office.
  • Define how a system works and why implementing systems is crucial to the success of your practice
  • Understand how scripting is part of a system and, when used consistently, will demonstrate a confident and professional team.
  • Identify systems that will allow you to track and follow up on treatment plans and all outstanding production
  • Identify systems that aid in increasing your hygiene revenue and decreasing your no-show or last-minute cancellations
  • Learn how systems in place will save money, time, and stress while aiding in higher case acceptance amongst your patients.
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