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(KY07) – Oral Health & Dementia: One Could Lead To The Other

August 25, 2023 Author: Karen Young

Course Title: (KY07) – Oral Health & Dementia: One Could Lead To The Other

This program is a must for the entire team. Understand the correlation between poor oral health and Dementia and how to communicate and engage the patient with Dementia.

Target Audience: All Team Members

Course Length: 3 Hours

Course Outline:

  • What Is Dementia?
  • The Difference Between Alzheimer’s And Dementia
  • The Seven Signs Of Dementia
  • A Dental Hygienist, Early Signs, What Can You Look For?
  • How To Manage Age-Related Disorders, Dementia & Alzheimer
  • Dementia And Oral Health Concerns
  • How Does Dementia Affect Your Client; Home Care; What We Don’t See!
  • Tips To Help Run The Dental Appointment Smoothly
  • Communicating; What We Need To Know
  • Am I At Risk?

Course Objectives:

  • Identify Early Signs Of Dementia.
  • Learn How To Increase Positive Ways Of Interacting With Individuals With Dementia
  • Identify Several Causes Of Dementia
  • Describe The Progression And Stages Of The Disease; What To Expect
  • Understand How To Manage A Patient With Dementia
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