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(KY08) – Association Of Dental Implant Auxiliaries Presents: The Implant Coordinator Certification Program

August 25, 2023 Author: Karen Young

Course Title:
(KY08) – Association Of Dental Implant Auxiliaries Presents: The Implant Coordinator Certification Program.

(ICCP) With the International Congress Of Oral Implantology, this dental treatment coordinator course is for all auxiliary team members looking to advance their studies. This course is offered as a certification program through the ICOI-ADIA. Speaker Karen Young, FAIDA, Cert. Educator

Course Length: Full-Day Program

Target Audience: All Auxiliary Team Members

Course Overview:
Dental implants are one of the most successful treatment modalities in dentistry and the demand for dental implants is growing exponentially. In order to successfully grow an implant practice however, a well-trained implant coordinator is indispensable. Once the doctor has diagnosed and treatment planned the patient, the implant coordinator holds the patient’s hand through the entire dental implant process acting as their advocate. The implant coordinator will educate the patient, explain in detail every step of the procedures, review and complete all consent forms and financial arrangements and oversee the case to completion. The ICCP provides an in-depth education in surgical and prosthetic procedures, case presentation, communication skills and the oversight of all phases of an evolving implant case. Completion of the ICCP will empower attendees with the knowledge and confidence to provide their patients with the ultimate implant care while successfully growing an implant practice.

The program will cover the following topics:


  • Historical overview of dental implants
  • Rationale for dental implants
  • Terminology and definitions related to implant dentistry
  • Indications for dental implants and the consequences of lack of treatment
  • Implant systems
  • Current status of dental implants

Environment, image and quality of service

  • Role of the Implant coordinator
  • The value an implant coordinator provides
  • Key attributes of a successful implant coordinator
  • Overseeing an entire treatment plan through intra-office communication
  • Developing a consultation area/environment
  • Use of visual aids and other teaching aids

Communication Strategies

  •  Personality types and effective communication
  • Consumer types and consumerism
  • Managing patient expectations
  • Helping patients identify their condition and needs
  • Increasing the perceived value of dental implant services
  • Technology for patient education
  • Commonly asked questions and appropriate responses
  • Handling objections
  • Essential elements in successful case presentation
  • Communicating treatment plan procedures effectively to patients
  • Fee presentation and financial options

Clinical Procedures and Treatment planning

  • Surgical and restorative implant procedures and components
  • Concepts in co-diagnosis and proper treatment planning
  • Pre-op appointment and documentation; Consent forms, prescriptions
  • Post-surgical care documents
  • Appointment scheduling

Referrals & Laboratory communication

  • Increasing implant referrals
  • How to establish and build relationships with patient referrals
  • Communication with referring and non-referring practices
  • Referred patients: Reports needed for proper communication between practices
  • Laboratory communication and tracking
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