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September 18, 2018 Author: Karen Young

Hey Karen Young,
My name is Keiran Maskell.
I attended the Implant Coordinator Certification Program of yours at the beginning of this month. Near the end, I promised you an email restating some comments I made when talking to you about your (fantastic) performance.

I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience I was able to take part in that day. Your detailed and practical explanations, coupled with your witty sense of humor made for not only a solid scholarly introduction to the field but also an effective inspirational session with regards to the work of each of the many attendees. I felt inspired to do a better job and to keep actively learning, to that end.

Ok if that’s the “formal” version, here’s what I can remember of what I wanted to say about the seminar:
I learned so much, in a short 8 hours. I felt much more comfortable with the subject material after having attended. You made so many good points, many of which I found myself thinking about often in the days proceeding the event. You are a very talented speaker. You take control of your stage better than anyone I’ve seen before. I often felt like I was learning a lot just by watching the way you assertively interacted with your audience; everything from your gestures & (dynamic) stance to the way you spoke & the words you chose. I was really impressed. I came away from the seminar that day knowing I was lucky to have appreciated the work of an artist. I hope to see you speak again.

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